This is a great little handheld! It puts out 5 watts at the max and is a triband radio. Meaning it will work 2 Meters, and the 222 and 440 bands.

I use this as a scanner and portable radio. I have a Radio Shack 2 meter 5/8 wave mag-mount antenna.
I have also used this radio with a Mirage BD-35 Dual Band HT Amplifier (144/440) to increase the amps from 5 watts to 45 watts max. The antenna and amplifier worked great!

The TH-F6A Radio can be difficult to use if you don't read and re-read the manual.

Kenwood has a freeware program that can help with programming it via a computer but you will need to either build or order a cable to connect to your radio. You can pick them up cheap on E-Bay. I have a problem getting the program to work on Vista Systems.

I have made a cheat sheet that I carry around with me in my truck.

If your FM mode blinks on the screen then you may have the Attenuator engaged. To turn it off press the F key and the MONI  <F>+<MONI/ATT> (on the left side).

Kenwood Memory Software for Windows

My Cheat Sheet for Programming

 To Program a Frequency
Press [VFO]
Tune the radio to the frequency
Change to CTCSS or DCS if needed
Press [F]
A memory channel # appears and blinks
Turn the turning control to select an empty channel
Press [MR] or [MNU] to store the freq to the channel

Naming a Memory Channel
Press [MR] to recall your desired memory channel
Press [F], [mn-f] to enter memory name input mode
The entry cursor appears
Turn the tuning control to select the character.
Press [MONI] on the side to delete a character
Once complete, press [MNU]
Clearing a Memory Channel
Recall the memory channel you want to erase
Press and hold (power) to switch the radio off
Press [MR] and (power) at the same time
You will see an erase confirmation message appear
Press [MR] or [MNU] to erase the channel data.
After storing a memory name, pressing [MN-F]
switches between the display name and the freq
To Change from + to – offset:
Press F Key
Then press the SHIFT / REV / 8 Key 

Programming for IRLP

Set radio to the IRLP Repeater freq
Set to T for Tone, + and FM
Set the Offset
Must be in T for tone
Then Press F
Then Press Tone
Change with the dial to the offset
Press PTT and hold
Say your call sign
Press node #xxxx
Release PTT
Should hear repeater answer

To Hang up from IRLP
Press PTT and hold
Press #73
Repeater should tell you, you are disconnected

Storing Odd-Split Repeater Frequencies:

Storing Odd-Split Repeater Frequencies:
For example, if you want to store a 1.31 offset to talk
to the ISS. (This is a – offset with a 1.31 and this radio
will not do this, it will only go to 1.30 and 1.35)
The Down-llink Freq is 145.800
The Up-Link Freq is 144.490
Press VFO
Turn the turning control to the down-link (Receive) freq
Press F
Select a blank channel to store the down-link freq in.
Press MR to store the freq in the channel.
Turn the tuning control to select the desire Up-Link freq
(Transmit) freq.
Press F
Turn the tuning control to select the memory channel you
programmed for the Down-Link
Press PTT + MR or PTT + MNU
To check to see if it is correct, Press REV

MENU for TH-F6

Here is how my set up on my menu:
  • Menu 1: Time
  • 2: 01234567 Link
  • 3: All bands
  • 5: On
  • 6: 0.60 MHz
  • 7: On
  • 8:  Off
  • 9: Sp/MIC
  • 11: Slow
  • 12: Off
  • 13: 500 MS
  • 14: Off
  • 15: KH6OWL
  • 17: 1.0 Sec
  • 18: 60 min
  • 19: on
  • 20: Off
  • 21: 4
  • 22: 500ms
  • 23: Call
  • 24: Off
  • 25: Off
  • 26: Enabled
  • 27: English
  • 28: 1200bps
  • 29: Off
  • 30: Lithium
  • 31: No

TH-F6 Accessories

The Accessories that I have for my TH-F6.
  1. Canvas holster for belt
  2. Microphone
  3. Double AA Battery Pack
  4. Drop in battery charger (Universal Charger UC-1 with PB-42L from W & W Manufacturing Company)
  5. Battery for Drop in Battery charger (WWL-PB42 Li-ion Battery Pack 7.4V@200mAh from W & W Manufacturing Company)
  6. Diamond Antenna SRH320A
  7. Cable for programming with a computer

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