Official Hawaii Coordinated Repeaters 

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Aircraft Frequencies (World Wide HF and VHF/UHF Aircraft Communications Listening)

Hawaii Scanner Frequencies (Click on a island)

Honolulu Police and Fire are currently on a Enhanced Digital Access Communication System (EDACS) Digital ProVoice system and a scanner currently can not recieve this type of communications. Honolulu will be transitioning to a Project 25. The standard is being mandated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for first responders nationwide. Still, it will take up to three years to completely change out the system here in Honolulu. See Link for more information.

Mauna Kea 

(13000 Ft Mountain in Hawaii) 
146,720+ operated by the VOAD, Volunteer Organization Active in Disasters.

444.350 (+)    


The Insomniac Net

It is on 444.725+ with a PL Tone of 123. There is a nightly net at 8 PM Hawaii Local Time. They call the net the "Insomniac Trivia Net.

The website: "Our net begins at 11:00pm Pacific time on the Win System reflector 9100 which is the hub for 78 linked repeaters covering 14 states and 2 other countries. The net usually lasts 1 hour.

Win System

Win System website


Hawaii RMS frequency is 7104.00.

Hawaii Winlink packet radio with its local RMS frequency of 7104.000 KHz and web link of

Local Repeaters

1. Main EARC Hawaii Frequency:  146.880 -Offset

Note 1: The WH6CZB repeater operating on 146.280/146.880 MHz is located at about the 550-foot elevation of the northeast flank atop Diamond Head Crater. This is the clubs flagship repeater, as it serves all of Honolulu, including parts of Leeward, Central, Windward Oahu and the western half of Molokai. Many transient and local hams use this repeater for general communications. Also, this is the primary public service event repeater for most events in Waikiki and the Honolulu Marathon. This repeater simulcasts on UHF, on 444.500+ MHz.(The simulcast was disabled during the move in April 2016.  (The repeater is on 146.880 and linked to 146.800 & 146.980-) During periods of maintenance, the repeater will remain active without the courtesy tone or hang-time. There is a nightly net at 1930 (7:30 PM) and all Hams are welcome to check in. There is an input PL of 88.5 to access the machine and it’s not currently transmitting a pl so you would have to use repeater input tone only.


2: 146.800- Repeater:

Note 2: The WH6CZB repeater operating on 146.200/146.800 MHz is located 2,000 feet atop the Waianae mountain range at a site called Mauna Kapu (translated into English from Hawaiian: "Forbidden Mountain"). While this repeater serves the entire Leeward Coast, Ewa, Kapolei, and Waipahu areas, it covers an area all the way east to Kaimuki. When propagation on 2 meters is booming, amateur stations along the Kona Coast of the Big Island can reach the repeater. This repeater simulcasts on UHF, on 444.100+ MHz. This repeater is linked to 146.880 as of April 2016.

The Maunakapu repeaters have been replaced and are currently up and operating.  IP connectivity has been added along with a new allstar controller to allow for VOIP linking.  There is no pl on the input, there is a pl on the output for those that may want to put it in, it is 151.4.  But a PL is not needed to access the repeaters.  The new input PL for both VHF and UHF repeater is 88.5 input and output, the repeater will also accept PL inputs on 103.5/123.0/151.4, however it only transmits the 88.5 PL.  (The repeater is on 146.800 and linked to 146.880 & 146.980-)

3.  146.640- Repeater: (103.5 PL Tone)

Note 3: The WH6CZB repeater operating on 146.040/146.640 MHz is the primary two meter repeater serving the Laie and Kahuku area of Oahu. It is linked to the 146.760- MHz repeater located at Peacock Flats, near Oahu's North Shore. These two repeaters, when linked properly, provides excellent coverage all along Oahu's North Shore.  (This repeaters requires a 103.5 PL)
4.  146.760- Repeater:
Note 4: The KH6FV repeater operating on 146.160/146.760 MHz is the primary two meter repeater serving Oahu's North Shore from Waimea to Kaena Point. Located on a mountaintop called Peacock Flats, this repeater is linked to the 146.640- MHz repeater located in Laie. These two repeaters, when linked properly, provides excellent coverage all along Oahu's North Shore. In June 2003, this repeater became the home of IRLP Node 3668.

5.146.660- Repeater: (Olomana Repeater)

Note 5: The WH6CZB repeater operating on 146.060/146.660 MHz is the primary two meter repeater serving the Waimanalo, Kailua, and Kaneohe areas of Oahu. This repeater simulcasts on UHF, on 449.150- MHz. On April 1, 2003, this repeater became the temporary home of IRLP Node 3197. As of 15 April 2016 the Olomana Repeater 146.660 - is now connected to the network.  The repeater PL has Changed to 88.5 TX/RX however it will still accept the old pl of 103.5 input for now to allow folk to reprogram their radios etc.  the repeater only transmits pl 88.5.

6. 147.100+ Repeater PL 110.9:

Note 6: This repeater is linked to Echolink for about 14 hours each day. Located in Salt Lake in the Middle of Oahu, it provides excellent coverage from Kapolei on the West side to Koko Head on the East Side of Oahu. The Node number on Echolink for this repeater is 25070.  This repeater is also linked with the ALLStar Network around the world.

7. 146.980 (-) Repeater. PL Tone s 88.5. This one is on top of the Honolulu State Civil Defense Building Downtown Honolulu. (The repeater is on 146.980 and linked to 146.800 & 146.880-)

8. 146.600 (-) Repeater. This one is in Ewa Beach. Receive on 146.600 and transmit on 146.000.

9. APRS Frequency: 144.390, Digital

HF Frequencies

  • 40 Meters: 7.188.00 LSB, Hawaii Aloha Net (0900 Local) This net's purpose is to provide signal checks, radio talk and brief general conversation as appropriate.
  • 40 Meters: 7.290.00 LSB, State Emergency Frequency
  • 20 Meters: 14.268.00 USB, Ohana Net (Family Net), Open to all and Informal. 7 days a week at 1800 Z, 0800 W (Local)
  • 80 Meters: 3.993.5 LSB, State Emergency Frequency
  • 11.282.00 USB is the FAA Air Traffic Frequency between Honolulu and California. Use this in an emergency only if out at sea and cannot contact the USCG on any other frequency. The Airline will usually relay for you.

Hawaii State Net's

  • EARC Net. 146.880 (-) MHz, 1930 Hours (7:30 Local) Linked to 444.500+ (Not leaked to 444.500 as of April 2016) Nets are every night at 7:30 PM except 4th Wednesday of each month. (As of 11 April 2016 the Sunday night nets have been suspended)
  • DEM (Department of Emergency Management) Net is on the fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month on146.880 (-) MHz, 1930 Hours (7:30 Local) Linked to 444.500+
  • The DEM/ARES does a FLDIGI/Tech net on the 4th Tuesday and Thursday of each month from 8 pm to 9 pm.  EARC repeaters will stay linked in via the RF link currently in use bridging the networks
  • Maui Emergency and Hawaii State RACES.  147.020+ (Maui) / 147.040 (Kauai) / 147.060+(Oahu)  State Linked Net;  Every Monday at 1900W (7:00 Local)
  • Hawaii Ohana Net. 40 Meters: 7.188.00 LSB,  (0900 and 1600 Daily)
  • Health Comm Net.147.280 (+) MHz. First business day of the month. The repeater is on top of the Hawaii Medical Center West in Ewa Beach. Net starts at 11:45 for Hospital Check-ins and then the NCS will ask for all other check ins. Net usually goes for 30 Minutes. 
  • Kauai Amateur Radio Club, Every Monday...2000W...146.920-...Linked to 147.160+
  • LDS Church: Wednesday and Thursday. 9 PM (2100), 146.620- (PL Tone 103.5) Open to anyone. Repeater on West side on Mauna Kapu Mountain.
  • Oahu Swap and Shop:  Starting in May the swap and shop will start at 7 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month and 8 pm the rest of the month. This is broadcast on the EARC Repeater 146.880 (-).

Other Frequencies

  • 14.340.00 USB, Hawaii Huricane Net
  • 14.300.00 USB, Pacific Seafarers Net at 0300 Zulu
  • Weather Frequency: 162.550.00 FM
  • Universal Coordinated Time Frequency: 5.000.00 AM

IRLP and EchoLink

The open IRLP repeaters and radios are:

  • Node: 3080, Freq 443.425+, PL=114.8, Located in Honolulu, Callsign KH6FV
  • Node: 3112, Freq 446.250, Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Callsign KH6DQ
  • Node: 3196, Freq 445.500, Located in Mililani, Callsign KH6DAD
  • Node: 3197, Freq 444.375+, PL=114.8, Located Waimanalo on Oahu, Callsign KH6FV
  • Node: 3217, Freq 443.550+, PL 114.8, Located at Pearl Harbor Area, Callsign KH6FV
  • Node: 3220, Freq 444.350+, PL=103.5, Located on Diamond Head, Callsign AH6CP
  • Node: 3668, Freq 146.760-, Located in Peacock Flats on the North Shore of Oahu, Callsign KH6FV
  • Node: 3720, Freq 444.850+ PL=114.8, Located in Waikiki, Callsign KH6FV
  • Node: 3725, Freq 445.550, PL=114.8, Located on the Big Island, Hilo, Hawaii, Callsign KH6FV-9
  • Node: 3730, Freq 147.550, PL=114.8, Located on the Island of Lihue, Callsign NH6HF
  • Node: 7020, Freq 442.100, PL=136.5, Located on Mt. Haleakala, Maui, Callsign KH6RS
  • Node: 8281, Freq 144.440, PL=100.0, Located at Volcano on the Big Island, Hawaii, Callsign WH7BR
  • Node: 8937, Freq 444.725, PL=123.0, Located on the Big Island, Hilo, Hawaii, Callsign WH6FM (Connected to the WIN System)* 
*open repeater which covers the Hilo area. The repeater is normally tied into the Western Intertie Network on 9100 but anyone can redirect to another node and reflector as required. The repeater will automatically home back to 9100 after idle for 15 minutes.
  • Node: 3672, Freq 146.910 147.550, Located on Guam

Echolink radios are:
  • Node 25070, Freq 145.470-, Located in Salt Lake on Oahu, Callsign: KH6IB-L 
  • Node 45661, Freq 147.140, Located in Hilo on the Big Island, Callsign: AH6JA-L

State Linked Repeaters

The following Islands are linked to each other via a State Microwave.

  • Lihue: 147.04
  • Diamond Head: 147.06 (PL TONE: 103.5)
  • Maui: Haleakala: 147.02
  • Big Isalnd: Mauna Loa: 147.04
Hawaii Linked Island Net:  Every Monday at 1900W (7:00 Local)

Scanner Frequencies

  • Oahu EMS Dispatch: 453.925
  • Oahu Ambulance to Hospital: 453.700
  • Honolulu Airport Information: 119.675
  • Honolulu Airport Weather: 119.800
  • Honolulu Airport Ground Control: 118.100
  • Honolulu Airport Air Tower Control: 118.300
  • 121.900 AM
  • Honolulu Airport Weather and Information: 127.900 AM
  • 154.425
  • 154.710

Simplex National Frequency


Hawaii Civil Defense Simplex Frequencies

Map of Districts:

District I West: 146.550

District I East: 146.565

District II North: 146.475

District II South: 146.460

District III: 146. 445

District IV: 146. 505

District V: 146.490

District VI: 146.535: Covers Kapolei / Ewa Beach / Aiea Area from the Campbell Industrusial Park Area East towards Ewa Beach Fort Weaver Road to just past the Pearl Harbor / Hickam Air Force Base Area and North to H1 and South to the ocean.

Emergency Communications Frequencies

Wilderness Protocol Nets

Band Mode MHz
2 Meter FM 146.520
6 Meter FM 52.525
222 Band FM 223.500
440 Band FM 446.000
23 Centimeters FM 1294.500

Amateur Radio Wilderness Protocol Monitoring Times

24 Hr AM / PM
0100 - 0105 1:00am - 1:05am
0400 - 0405 4:00am - 4:05am
0700 - 0705 7:00am - 7:05am
1000 - 1005 10:00am - 10:05am
1300 - 1305 1:00pm - 1:05pm
1600 - 1605 4:00pm - 4:05pm
1900 - 1905 7:00pm - 7:05pm
2200 - 2205 10:00pm - 10:05pm