Ham Radio Deluxe

I just started using HRD. It is full of stuff I have no idea of what it is. I have an IC 746Pro, SignaLink USB and then I use a Radio Shack Full Speed USB Scanner Programming Cable from the back of the CL-V Remote Control Jack Input.

For Digimode I need to be in "D" Mode on the ICOM, hold the SSB button down for a second or two and a "D" will show up beside the LSB or USB on your screen. The "D" will show up on your radio not your HRD. Next, for the SignaLink USB make sure the computers sound card is set for USB Audio Device for both Microphone and Speakers. Right Click on your speaker icon in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen near the clock, if you are using Windows.

Digital modes are used in DM 780 portion of the HRD. Click on DM780 in HRD. Once DM780 Opens up click on the Options button, it is the symbol with the hand over a piece of paper, go to soundcard on the left of the options screen that opens up. Once there, ensure that the "Input and Output" is set to USB Audio Device for both Speaker and Microphone. Once that is done click the "X" to close the options screen. Then as long as you are connected to your radio, everything will work, to include the log book. You can use DM 780 without being connected to the radio though.

Once you open up DM 780