APRS is a fun way to transmit signals over long distance. It is not just for vehicle tracking and weather, although a lot of people use it for that. With the help of iGates or Digipeaters a simplex packet can go a long way.

You can send messages from your Radio to any cell phone, if you know the phone number that is. To do so simply follow the example in the photo.

Type in SMSGTE in the to: field at the top.

In the message field type in @cell # and then a message. Press MSG TX in this case and check the phone.


To Reply back all the person has to do is reply like normal on a cell text but at the beginning of the text it needs to say your APRS callsign, in my case, @KH6OWL-7 and then  your message. 


APRS Groups

Groups is kind of like a email distribution list. You set your raadio up to a group name and others set their radios up with the same group name. When messages are sent to that group then everyone with that group will receive the messages. Great for quick comms between members of a group, club, or operation.  For instance, HAMHI group can be set up on any radio that has this function and if we send a message to HAMHI then all that programmed it will recieve that message. Imagine if you had one for Oahu or Hawaii and those with APRS used it? I understand during the Maui Fires, APRS was not impacted as it has many people/systems that can auto forward messages.

APRS Thursday: A couple updates for this week beginning at 00:01 UTC on Thursday October 13th. 1) We use the UTC clock and calendar. 2) in your check-in message this week, please indicate how you are checking in. For example “using RF”, “using mobile phone”, etc. 3) If, after you check in to the HOTG Group you would like to opt-out of receiving all the other traffic, send U HOTG to ANSRVR and you will be unjoined. 4) if you reply to a HOTG Group message your response will go only to the station that sent the Group message (not the whole group). Please try to respond to some - it's always fun to get APRS messages from other hams so leave your radios on if you can.