Amateur Radio Satellites

One thing that I like to do is to try to make contact with the ISS or other Ham Radio Operators through Amateur Radio Satellites.

I have a Kenwood Handheld and a Arrow Antenna with Duplexer to attempt this. I use Orbitron Satellite tracker and have set up to get weekly emails from NASA on opportunities to talk through satellites over Hawaii.

I'm trying to contact the International Space Station (ISS), that would be something else for me!

On 8 Nov 08, I was able to send a packet signal to the ISS and recieve a good return back. Next I will work on voice contact with the ISS.

Heard the ISS astronaults taking to a School in India on the 30th of Dec 08. Great Signal!

On 5 Dec 2008 at 1945 Hawaii Local Time I made my first Cross Band Repeater contact using the ISS. At the 2125 Hawaii Local Time pass I was able to make my second Cross Band Repeater contact. I used the TH-F6A and the Arrow Antenna from Radar Hill on Fort Shafter Military Reservation.

On 6 Dec 08 at the 2016 Hawaii Local Time ISS Pass I was able to make more contacts using the Cross Band Repater on board the ISS. Talked to KH6DAD, KH6BRY, KH6OM, and others. I have not been adjusting using the dopler shift.

I qualified for the ARISS 25th Anniversary Certificate on 11 Jan 2009 by making contact with WH7QR.

Here is a Good Article on getting started in Satellites using the Kenwood TH-F6 Handheld Radios. One of the reasons I got the radio was this article.

Satellite Frequencies


Cross-band Repeater is now U up, V down

437.80 uplink

145.80 downlink

FM VOICE for ITU Region 2&3:

Downlink 145.800

Uplink 144.490

FM U/v VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

Downlink 145.800

Uplink 437.800

FM V/u with PL VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

Downlink 437.800

Uplink 145.990 with 67.0 PL

FM L/v VOICE Repeater (Worldwide)

Downlink 145.800

Uplink 1269.650


OSCAR 51 (Echo)

Mode V/U (J) FM Voice Repeater:

Uplink: 145.9200 MHz FM, PL 67.0 Hz.

Downlink 435.3000 MHz FM (435.310 to 435.290 (5 steps at 5 KHz))

Saudi-OSCAR 50

(aka SaudiSat-1c)

Uplink: 145.850 MHz (67.0 Hz PL Tone)

Downlink: 436.800 MHz


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