So GOD Made a Ham Radio Operator

So God Made a Ham Radio Operator

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need someone who will put others before themselves, someone who will Elmer others, someone who will travel to distant lands just so others can claim a rare DX spot. Someone who will help local authorities to communicate with other agencies in a disaster, someone who will volunteer many hours away from their families to work marathons, bike races, and fly-ins. So God made a Amateur Radio Operator.

Someone who would climb an 80-foot tower just so an elderly ham can once again talk to the world. Someone who can place a PL 259 on a coax, someone who can measure and cut an antenna wire, someone who can run a cable through a firewall or grommet to get power to a mobile rig. Someone who will get up at 3 AM just to help a fellow ham out who needs to get that last State for his WAS award. Someone who would hike up a mountain in freezing temperatures just so someone can work a new summit. So God made a Amateur radio operator.

So God Said, I need someone who will work two jobs to support their family, come home, cut the grass, feed the animals, eat supper with their family and then turn the radio on and be the net control station for the weekly net. So God made a Ham Radio Operator.

So God said, I need Someone who can work a station 7000 miles on 100 watts, someone who can send CW at 20 WPM or 5 WPM. Someone who can use PSK or RTTY and at the same time tune a rig and check SWR on an antenna. Someone who will camp out all weekend, cook the food, pick up the trash, haul the water and ice while others work the radios during field day. So God made a Ham Radio Operator.

Someone who will be professional, considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, Patriotic and have a balance in his or her lives. Someone who would help a widow with all the equipment of a SK and doesn’t ask or expect anything in return. So God made a Ham Radio Operator.

So God said I need someone who can follow, or lead others. Someone who can talk to a group of 100 or 1 and make them fill like they are important. So God made a Ham Radio Operator.

So God said, I need an organization that will watch over all these operators and make sure their governmental leaders take them into consideration when developing rules and regulations. So God made the ARRL.


Written by KH6OWL; 31 Jan 2014

Darren Stacy Holbrook