Aloha, I'm glad you are interested in ham radio. 

There are websites that have practice test you can take on line for free. The practice exams are the same questions you will see on the actual FCC test but they pick 35 for the test, so if you take the test on line enough you will see all the questions. The test also provides the answers.

Practice exams

Ham Study Guide (Explains the answers, select Read Questions)

QRZ Practice Exams Single questions and immediate answer On the right side it will say "Take a Practice Test", First exam is Technician.

ARRL Exam Practice (Need to register but it is free and you don't need to be a member of the ARRL) ARRL resources for the test and study.


The tabs on top of this page at the link below offers more information about resources, to include location of exams and classes. 

Again it is free but you may need to get the book, but it is not needed.

Look at the left side of this page and you can visit each island and see all the radio frequencies ham radio operators listen on.

Every question from the Technician question pool can be found HERE

Every Answer from the Technician question pool can be found HERE

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Get on the Air:  You can become a licensed amateur radio operator with the help of EARC’s education program!  All ham radio operators in the US are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to operate on a unique set of radio frequencies that allow them to initiate both local and worldwide communications with other hams.  EARC provides free license test preparation classes each year for the three levels of amateur license:  Amateur Technician, Amateur General and Amateur Extra.  The Amateur Technician license course, which you can view at the EARC website, click on EDUCATION.

Courses and Study Texts:  You may also find other organizations offering classes by looking at the American Radio Relay League (ARRL- the national organization for amateur radio) website at  We suggest you just enter your state (no other entries) and click the Search button (then try other nearby states).  The ARRL also provides license preparation texts for each level.  The current Technician manual can be ordered at A kindle edition is available. 

Individual Help:  For hams needing help getting started on the air and selecting equipment for a station, we can provide a program where you will be connected with an Elmer (ham talk for an experienced ham who will help you learn what you need to know) and, if needed, loan equipment to get you going.

Join Us at Our Monthly Meetings:  EARC holds monthly meetings at 7 PM, typically on the third Tuesday of the month.  This is a great opportunity to become acquainted with hams and learn about ham radio.

Listen In:  If you have a scanner, tune into 146.98 MHz, 146.880, or 146.860 to listen to our repeater system located in Honolulu. The best time to listen is at night when there is a directed "Net" at 7:30 pm.

Some interesting Ham Radio websites:

The ARRL website

The QRZ Ham Radio callsign lookup service at

The Emergency Amateur Radio Club group at EARC Club

The Electronic Ham Radio operators at

The Ham Radio Magazine "CQ" at

Nuts and Volts Magazine at

Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) at

 ARRL Band Plan Map

Website for New Hams