Book List


The Soapmaker's Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes, Techniques, and Know-How by Susan Cavitch

The Candle Book: How To Make Your Own Candles - Molded to Gel Candles by Tracey Mikos (Digital Version)
Shoe making

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual of Living Off the Land & Doing It Yourself  (LINK)

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide: Banner batches, grow heaps, comforter compost, and other amazing techniques for saving time and money, and ... most flavorful, nutritous vegetables ever. (LINK)

Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web, Revised Edition (LINK)

Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series) (LINK)

The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times (LINK)

Wood gas conversions for vehicles
Manual machine design and construction
Paper making
Retreat construction
Weapons smithing
Cheese making
Beer and wine making
Canning and drying food
Wind Power Basics
Garden Basics
Communications in a Disaster (Homemade Antennas)
The Illustrated book of housebuilding and carpentry by Graham Blackburn
Building with stone by Charles McRaven
Building small barns, sheds, and shelters by Monte Burch
The Art of Shooting by Charles Edward Chapel
Home Safety and Security- Timelife books
Complete guide to building log homes by Monte Burch
How to track and find game by Clyde Ormond (truly excellent get this if you are a hunter gives methods for different types of game)
Great Living in grubby times by Don Paul
Deer Hunting by Richard P. Smith
The visual handbook of building and remodeling by Charlie Wing
Tools and how to use them by Albert Jackson and David Day (answers alot of what is it and how do I use it questions)
Made for the outdoors by Len McDougall
Upgrade and maintain your PC (second edition) by James Karney (get a newer edition that will be more current great for explanations on what all those pieces of hardware are)
Navigation by A.C. Gardner
Foxfire 1 & 2 (someday the rest as well, I look for them secondhand)
Cooking for Dummies! by IDG Books

ARMY Field Manuals (FMs) or Training Circulars (TCs)
(Available at the Army homepage and at the rocky Mountain Survival Group website (FREE)

FM 5-102 CounterMobility (need to close of a road or fire break so thieves or trespassers can´t use it?)
FM 5-103 Survivability (What the Army calls a bunker makes a dandy tornado shelter or root cellar for that matter or would that be tomato shelter?)
FM 5-104 General Engineering (Read this over if you have to do alot of building for your homestead)
FM 5-163 Sewage (umm this needs explaining?)
FM 5-233 General Surveying (the how to´s of surveying for just about any reason)
FM 5-422 Plumbing and pipefitting (explanation is in the title)
FM 5-422 Engineer prime power operations (how to build and run an electrical grid anyplace)
FM 10-16 General fabric repair (just like it says from shirts, to tents, to parachutes)
FM 10-52-1 Water Supply point equipment and operations (now granted you may not have or want equipment on this scale but it may help you with other pure water needs oh yes and dosages of chlorine to purify that water)
FM Tactical land clearing (you may not need to clear your land for tactical reasons (defence against raiders) but, it is good for how to go about clearing land and whether the thought was to see an enemy getting closer or just to see a pretty sunrise better it is still all about the view)
FM 19-30 Physical Security (principles of securing a site or facility angainst theft, trespassers, or deliberate acts of destruction)
FM 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation (ummmm if you are living on your homestead before the home is built how to keep things healthy)
FM 21-10-1 unit field sanitation team (More do´s and Don´ts on sanitation and things to watch out for)
FM 21-11 First aid for soldiers (CPR, bandaging, hot and cold injuries, etc.)
FM 21-76 Survival (could be better but as a book intended to be useful in any climate in any country it is not bad)
FM 21-150 Combatives (no nonsense, simple, damaging, or lethal ways of fighting, excellent diagrams and charts)
FM 24-20 Tactical wire and cable techniques how to lay out communications wires
FM 31-70 Basic Cold weather manual (How to dress and function when the tempature goes down)
TC 9-237 Operators Circular welding and operation (a little on welding)
TC 9-524 Fundamentals of machine tools (mostly safety)

Peterson Field Guides;
Edible Plants
Medicinal Plants
Animal Tracks
Tom Brown's Guide to Edible and Medicinal Plants
Field Guide to Wild Edible Plants by Bradford Angier
Simon and Schuster's Guide to Mushrooms
Audubon's Field Guide to NA Trees Eastern Edition
Chickens in your Backyard by Rick and Gail Luttman
Raising Poultry the Modern Way by Leonard Mercia
Raising Rabbits the Modern Way by Bob Bennett
Mountainman Crafts and Skills by David Montgomery
Tanning Skins and Furs by James Churchill (James Churchill also wrote many articles for Fur Fish Game in the 70's. These include foraging for wild food and how to live on a very small income..Excellent stuff.)
Home Book of Smoke Cooking by Jack Sleight and Raymond Hull
Hunting for the Pot/Fishing for the Pan by Byron Dalrymple
Butchering, Processing, and Preservation of Meat by Frank G. Ashbrook
Raising Rabbits by Ann Kanable
Cast Iron Cooking by A.D. Livingston
The Outdoors Almanac by Len McDougal
Complete Sourdough Cookbook by Don and Myrtle Holm
Old Ways Rediscovered by Clarence Meyer
Ginseng and other Medicinal Plants by A.R. Harding
Trapping NA Furbearers by S. Stanley Hawbaker
Buckshot's Modern Trappers Guide by Bruce "Buckshot" Hemming
Raw Fur Handling by Keith Winkler
Catching and Feasting on Blue Crabs by Rich Faler
Raccoon Trapping Methods by Russ Carmen
Trapline 2000 by Hal Sullivan
Wild Game Cookery by J. Carol Vance
Cleaning and Cooking Fish by Sylvia Bashline
Dressing and Cooking Wild Game
Coastal Carolina Cooking Nancy Davis and Kathy Hart
Ball Blue Books from 1982, 1969, 1943, 1960, and 1974

Carla Emerys' encyclopedia of country living

Home Food Systems by Roger B. Yepsen & Rodale Press (It covers not only the usual canning/drying/freezing.
But using creeks for refrigeration. Ice houses, Root cellars & a heck of a lot more. It's a soft cover an inch thick.)

All the Backwoods Home Anthologies (eight)
Encyclopedia of Country Living
Foxfire 2,3 and 4
One acre and security
Handy Farm Devices
Wilderness skills, applied and advanced
The SAS Survival Manual
Eddie McGee's Complete book of Survival
Woodstove cookery
Saving seeds
Seed to seed
Herb gardening
Cullpepper's New Herbal
From the fryer to the fueltank (bio-diesel)
Making bent willow furniture
Making rustic furniture
Back to basics
Farmhouse cookery
Kid's America
Mountain craftand Leadership


The Morrow Guide to Knots by Mario Bigon and Guido Regazzoni
The Garden Primer, The Completely Revised Gardener's Bible, by Barbara Damrosch
TC 90-6-1 Military Mountaineering
The ARRL Antenna Book, 21st Edition
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications, The Comprehensive RF Engineering Reference 2009
Home Improvement 1-2-3, 3rd Edition by Home Depot
Solar Power Basics (Backwoods Solar electric Systems 2010)Free download WEBSITE